a deroggatory term, similar to asshole, used in great anger. It's not used to literally suggest that someone's face looks like a penis, but rather just an angry exclamation.
Boy: *grabs Girl's butt*
Girl: Ack! You dickface!
by Katani March 08, 2005
To draw humorous/obscene designs on the face of an unconscious individual, usually one who has overindulged in recreational substances.
John drank way too much last Thursday, and we dickfaced him with a laundry pen. It still says "Free Mustache Rides" on his forehead.
by Will January 13, 2004
A rude person .
Person 1: "hey, can i have a hug?"
Clay: "no!"
Person 1: "DICK FACE!" =(
by Yo Momman! October 06, 2008
A word used to insult someone.
Shezz; ''what a dickface.''
Suzi; ''i know right!''
by suicideseason September 02, 2008
the face people make when you talk about them so bad they can't say anything back. their mouth is straight like the slit in a penis.
He cut you down an hour ago stop walking around with the dick face.
by biskit October 27, 2004
A jerk, an asshole, a guy who thinks they know it all, and thinks that they are amazing at singing-when they really suck, they also think they can have whatever they want, commonly referred to as a "Tyler"
Guy- "Dude I could have her if I wanted her"
Girl- "You are such a Dickface!"
by Russel K. January 04, 2010
1:Writing and/or drawing on the face of a person who is passed out drunk
2: Being so drunk that you throw up on yourself and wake up with a stain of vomit on your face
"Yo, Look, Bill is asleep, lets give him a dick face"
"Damn he was so drunk he ended up givin himself a dickface"
by alkapone November 03, 2009
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