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When a person is so incredibly STUPID it's like they have been FUCKED in their head
Wow that girl is so dumb that it looks like she crossed into Dicked
territory I Can't Believe she just utter such nonsense. Quick someone get her a tissue cuz she talking shit. Call an ambulance cuz it looks like the dick is still in her ear
by Ghanian Pride January 22, 2006
To be screwed over in a situation; To be insulted, bashed, or otherwise served in a non-physical way, named after the act of taking a dick in your anus.
I totally dicked three other drivers who had the right-of-way when I cut them off with a left turn at the 4-way intersection.

I just got dicked by Mr. Smith's test. 4% dammit.

Me: "Hey LB, get me a soda!"
LB: "No way, you're closer to the fridge anyway."
Me: "But you're the LB!"
LB: "Fine.."
Matt: "LB you just got dicked!"

Me: "Hey Matt is LB coming to our lemon party?"
Matt: "No his mom heard him coughing today and she said that he has to stay home and to be in bed by 10:30."
Me: "Oh, dicked."
by me Mike D March 13, 2006
A word used at a school called John Glenn High in Norwalk,Ca to make someone feel like a dumbass!
If someone at school trips or does something embarassing the person or people who saw him/her trip will be allowed to DICK them by yelling the word DICK at them.
This has been a John Glenn High School 101 about Getting DICKED
by JGHS October 20, 2006
To completely own someone, usually in a sporting activity.
England dicked Germany 5-1 in 2001.
by Tarquin_Banks February 22, 2008
yet another term for sex.
hey girl, you ever been dicked by two guys in a corolla?
by darth eadz August 10, 2005
To be deeply troubled by a situation; to be screwed; totally fucked
The hooker took your wallet? Oh fuck man, you just got dicked!
by DJSeebs October 19, 2003
to get owned by someone or owning them!
i dicked camilla today lol
camilla dicked me today
by Jamie Green April 24, 2008