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a pseudo-germ or false disease that children use to avoid or tease one another. Theorized to have come from a child's misinterpretation of a slang word "cootie" meaning vagina.
Boy: Dad, what's a cootie?
Dad: ...uh...well, it's something that all girls have.
Boy: Ewww, girls have cooties!
by Otaku2100 June 03, 2005
A harsher term meaning "screwed" or "f***ed". Usually used in a potentially fatal and brief situation in which the person involved is aware of it but ultimately has little or no control of the outcome.
If someone notices they have a red dot on their chest that is NOT from a laser pen, they're basically dicked.

A person that looks at a bomb timer and sees "0:02" is dicked.
by Otaku2100 June 03, 2005

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