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A certain type of person that exhibits the epitome of being any/all of the following: a jerk, an asshole, a douche bag, a dickhead, a tool, a faggot (not in the homosexual sense), or a twit. Any single person cannot label more than five people with this because it is reserved for only the most heinous individuals one may meet. This term is applicable to a boy or girl.
"Wow, I definitely just added her to my list of dick muffins. That gives me four. Now her and her boyfriend are on my list!"
by irrelevent July 03, 2008
a profoundly idiotic asshole with a small muffin penis
dude my dick muffin boss gave some old fag bag my job
by giggletits69 June 16, 2011
1. a guy who acts like or is an idiot or it can be a term of affection for your guy who acts like an idiot but you still love him. It is a masculine form of twatwaffle.
That dickmuffin dumped his girl over email.
I forgave my dickmuffin for coming home drunk.
by Turtle J. August 09, 2007
Dickmuffin - An individual who takes the act of being a dick to the next level. Not yet at the point of being an asshole or motherfucker. A dickmuffin is usually very pretentious and full of himself. You will find lots of them in Orange County.
John: Maybe I should think about joining the football team, I can throw the ball pretty good. I just don't want to deal with all the dickmuffins on it.

Dick McMuffin: Don't bother, I'm already on the team and there's no way you'll beat me. I'm so much better than you and everyone else so don't waste your time man.

John: My point exactly.
by Austinrok October 20, 2011
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