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6 definitions by thesatisfyer

(verb) a sexual posistion in which the girl lays down with her legs spread open. The man then takes a running start like kicking a football and thrusts his foot into her wet vagina hole half way.
I was with Stacy this weekend and she wanted me to give her a Russian Annihilator to her infront of her parents.
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009
when a man unfortunatly has a penis the size of a new born infant
The Little Peeter Boy is in the room with his girlfriend trying his best to compinsate for what he doesnt have.
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009
(verb) a sexual move in which a man dribbles hot steaming sperm onto a womans chest. She then takes his face and press' it against her chest into the sperm.
Yo bitch, want a Tiwana Car Wash?
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009
1) word meaning two or more men share a bath tub together while playing a video game online 2)word meaing that you suck really bad at a video game you try your hardest and it does not work out at all for you. You dont just tear yourself down but you tear everyone else around you down to your noob level.
Marc says, "Hey Butch did you happen to catch Dan and Charlie Scruba dubdubing this weekend?"
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009
1) definition meaning when a man is chosen above all other men to rule supreme as the sex king. All women want his penis inside of them. 2) prefers sex more than anything in life.
The Sexual Preferance is comming into town to visit Maggie, Marcy, Joan, Jill, Phillis, Qwanifa, Jowanda, Jorg, Kathy, Karen, and Queen Eliziabeth.
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009
when a person becomes like a preist; short for for Little Boy Toucher
Everyone knows Rob is the LBT of the county and will never see another boy in his site.
by thesatisfyer April 02, 2009