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a penis; something used to stick up a girl's pussy or ass
I felt his lubricated dick slide up my pussy as I gently moaned. It was so big, I could have sworn I felt it coming up my throat.
by Anke3000 October 08, 2005
the male penis. also known as a johnson, joe, burgen, cock, ross
that guy has a long dick
by drtheexplorer July 24, 2005
1. Another word for a penis. The male genital.

2. A jerk or an asshole. Somebody who's purposely treating you like crap or putting you down for no reason or being selfish.
"What the hell did I ever do to you you dick."
by naryn December 12, 2005
A generic name for a heterosexual man.
Girl 1: Where did Dick go?
Girl 2: I’m not sure. Can you remember his name?
Girl 1: I think it’s Matthew.
Girl 3: It’s Michael, and he’s gay.
by dick69 April 15, 2009
More commonly known as the penis, the dick is often used to dish out pleasure to others, whether males, females, or mixgender. It may also be used to slap someone.
1. I produced sperm out of my dick, which felt good.

2. It felt good when the sperm from my dick was placed inside Sally.

3. I dislike Sally; I dick-slapped her.
by Squinty December 29, 2005
1) Male reproductive organ
2) Private eye or detective
3) A stupid person
1) Suck my dick you mofo!
2) The private dick was casing the joint.
3) You stupid dick!
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
Kanye West
The dick interupted Taylor Swift...enough said
by blingtastic September 17, 2009