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A large tree which bears fruit only in the winter.
Lets go climb the dick monster now that the leaves have fallen.
by K-Noodle November 10, 2009
When a girl you dont like calls you, text you, or writes you on myspace wanting to hook up. Often says she loves you thinking it will make you change your mind.
-dude, she keeps callin me, she is bein a total dick monster.

-i know, tell me bout it. She did the same thing to me last week.
by Meesh W. February 03, 2009
A small man getting attacked-physically and or emotionally by a rather large woman.
1.) Dang T, Big Mama Rashon is such a dick monster. She's always buyin' you flowers and cards.

2.) Woah, that dick monster blackened both of my eyes and smoked all my stash while I was fagged.

3.) Damn, did that dick monster do that to your face or did you get hit by a dump truck?
by J and Bill April 16, 2007
1. A person who exhibits behaviors involving dicks in a monstrous way.
2. A mythical smut peddling, dildo enthusiast. Native to the central coast of California.
"Hey Matt, dont be such a dickmonster"- Banna
by Lynny Tolson April 02, 2008
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