The opposite of a chick flick. Where a chick flick is made for girls and tends to contain emotional crap, a dick flick is made more for men and contains lots of action and little emotion. Tends to contain some nudity and lots of sex scenes but not always.
boyfriend: Hey did you enjoy the movie?
girlfriend: No, it was a total dick flick, too much action, killing, and sex. Little dialog and character building.
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by Korra Stones July 14, 2012
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The testosterone-driven opposite of a "chick flick". Generally contains lots of car chases, explosions, and boobs.
by Cimmerian Southpaw October 14, 2003
1. A guys movie (the opposite of chick flick)
2. A gay porn movie
3. Shaking your dick after urinating
1. The Dark Knight is a dick flick.
2. I caught my brother jacking off to a dick flick.
3. I saw him dick flick out the corner of my eye.
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by Ric.Hard July 10, 2013
Function: noun
Etymology: West Coast slang; opposite of chick flick; 1985

1: A movie consisting of mostly ethno-male elements, action, saving a woman, revenge for a dead family, etc. The movie usually has back story in which the protagonist is told to be highly specialized, elite, commando, a seer with muscles, he-man, special forces, etc.
2: Any medium (literature, film, ) that is overtly masculine. A Charles Bukowski poem with drunks wooing hookers.
3.) Using the penis as a slingshot, post-ejaculation.
4.) A homosexual movie.
here was no way that John’s date was going to watch a dick flick with him.
by Nco November 17, 2003
A movie such as "300" or "Reservoir Dogs" which is full of gratuitous violence, gore and nudity, mostly geared towards men.

It's the opposite of a "Chick Flick."
Woman: "Eww...this movie is such a Dick Flick!"
#dick flick #movies for men #boobies in movies #blood #gore #guts #cursing
by Arianwen March 20, 2007
the opposite of chick flick for guys
XXX is a dick flick.
by Jebus Bob Rice March 07, 2003
The male equivalent of 'chick flick'. A man's movie
Dave, wanna get some cold ones and watch Platoon? I'm in the mood for a dick flick
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by eithne lonergan September 24, 2008
the absolute complete opposite of a chickflick. made for groups of men to watch together and express sentiments of repressed cromagnon agression. the cinamatic equivelent of a circle jerk. a movie with gratuitous amounts of primative violence and male dominated sex. typically with minor or subtle philosophical points to elude the female mind. main actors are always large powerful men who are fearless.
i thought my girlfriend would enjoy fightclub, however she seemed very unimpressed. i think she didn't understand it because it was really more of a dickflick
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by francisfarmer211 March 19, 2009
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