a male version of "chick flick"
Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow
There are no funny women in this movie- it must be a Dick Flick.

Question: Why are there "feel good" musical scenes of guys playing games and horsing around with each other in this movie?
Answer: It's probably a Dick Flick.

So many fart jokes and pot in this movie--it must be a Dick Flick.

Question: Why are these straight guys saying things about ass, balls, and being gay to the other straight guys in this movie?
Answer: It's probably a Dick Flick

The female love interest is a lawyer in this movie- it must be a Dick Flick.

The women curse and are nymphomaniacs (except one, the one that is a lawyer) in this movie- it must be a Dick Flick.
by ad2 September 14, 2013
an action movie that appeals to men
"Um, Brit, where did Charlie go?"
"Oh, he went to see that dick flick called Transformers or something..."
by k!v@ October 19, 2009
Action movies which have no story or content and are usually preferred by men for their senseless action stunts.
similar to chick-flicks.
Samantha and Edward had a fight about the movies they wanna watch.While she wanted to go for a chick-flick,he was stubborn about the new Arnold Dick-flicks.
by Samarpita February 20, 2009
Like a chick flick, but for guys
A relaxing, engaging movie aimed primarily at males
Man, did you catch Top Gun on the TV yesterday? Total dick flick!
by Awkwordsmith April 23, 2015
The opposite of a chick flick. Movies that include raunchy humor, an abundance of sex jokes, and/or people doing dumb, pointless things that appeal to a wide range of the male audience.
Teresa: Hey Jenny, let's go see Step Brothers. I hear it's really funny.

Jenny: No way, girl. That's a total dick flick.
by cobalt-symphony May 08, 2010
A movie that has more violence, explosions and/ or cleavage than it does a plot. This is the opposite of a 'chick flick' which has more fluffy, emotional content than plot.
Michal Bay only directs dick flicks.
by fake leather shoes February 24, 2010
A movie targeted towards the male population. Movies females will most likely not enjoy.

Comes from the pharse chick flick
Boy: Lets go see Tropic Thunder.
Girl: Hell no, that is a complete Dick Flick.
Boy: Why do you hate Dick Flick's?
Girl: Because all they have is humor for guys, boobs, and eye candy, I wouldnt understand or like any of it.
by TexasChick09 February 17, 2010
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