The opposite of a chick flick. Guns, yelling, war, drinking, acting stupid.
"Slap Shot" is the ulimate dick flick.
by Iam8thWonder November 24, 2009
The male equivalent of the chick flick.
The movie I Love You, Man is a great dick flick.
by fox force March 28, 2009
Homosexual version of a chick flick.
Behind The Candelabra, Milk, The Bird Cage and Magic Mike are my favorite dick flicks.
by Noname88 December 06, 2013
1. (Noun) A chick-flick for guys. Usually a comedy-love story geared towards the male sex, starring a "b-rated" actor and a hot d-list actress who's name is impossible to recall.

2. Romantic-comedy with nudity and dick jokes.
Average Critic: "Just Friends" is a chick-flick..
Jacob: No it's not, it's a Dick-Flick!

Top Grossed Modern Dick-Flicks: Just Friends, The Heartbreak Kid, Keeping the Faith, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Saving Silverman, Knocked Up, There's Something about Mary, The Sweetest Thing
by Bat Boy Jacob January 21, 2009
A movie mainly meant for men, usually involves a hero going up against various bad guys and winning.
Die Harder is a real dick-flick.
by Netnuevo December 04, 2007
The opposite of a chick flick. Where a chick flick is made for girls and tends to contain emotional crap, a dick flick is made more for men and contains lots of action and little emotion. Tends to contain some nudity and lots of sex scenes but not always.
boyfriend: Hey did you enjoy the movie?
girlfriend: No, it was a total dick flick, too much action, killing, and sex. Little dialog and character building.
by Korra Stones July 14, 2012
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