An acronym for Drunk In Charge (...of a motor vehicle), a charge for drunk-driving. Commonly used in New Zealand instead of DUI.
"Bro, you hear the Principal got DIC'd on Saturday night?"
by b.r.i.a.r October 05, 2008
delicious ice candy
that dic was very good
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
Most rocking band ever; Disguised In Cognito.
Wow, i can't wait to go to Shakespear Bay and see D.I.C perform *cough cough*
by familyhood_represent December 17, 2006
Diarrhea In a Can
by Big Hurt June 30, 2003
Short from for dictionary.
I found all these cool defs in the urban dic.
by Chalm May 14, 2005
a shortening of the word "ridiculous"
used as an adjective similar to sick, nasty, ill or wicked

see ridic ridiculous
Yo that backflip was dic man
by ebp May 03, 2007
Stands for Diffusion, Information, and Communication. An animation company that brought us Inspector Gadget, Sonic The Hedgehog, translated (and apparently badly if that's possible)that Sailor Moon crap from Japan, and, infamously, made M.C. Hammer's own short-lived cartoon "Hammerman".

Their end logo is well-known: the kid in bed with the bedroom window open, in which the camera zooms out of as a star swirls around dotting the I in DIC, and an unseen kid says "DIC" as that happens. Weird idea to feature a kid in bed in my opinion.
DIC is not pronounced "dick", although that would be funny!
by star8706 November 07, 2003

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