An internet connection which is not worth paying for. It is incredibly horrible and I have the disease of dialup. :(
- Dude your computer is slow
-- dialup
- ohhh
by nick alvinator January 12, 2005
1) Of or relating to a network connection, as to the Internet, which requires that a telephone number be dialed.

2) A temporary, as opposed to dedicated, connection between machines established over a telephone line using modems.
My dial-up connection was interrupted by call waiting.
by illEATurHARTout April 12, 2004
Incredibly shit.
Arwyn is a dialup
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
Why are you wasting your time looking up what dialup is? You have any idea how long it takes to load pages on dialup?
Nobody should have dialup anymore, because in this day and age no one should have to suffer with the slow download speeds.
by izcool January 11, 2009
An internet connection which is not worth paying for. It is incredibly horrible and I am a victim of the disease of dialup. :(
- Man your connection sucks
- Dialup
- ohhh
by nick alvinaotr January 11, 2005
“ dial-up” (Adj.) as in a dial-up computer connection to indicate a outdated mode, thought, recommendation, or activity?
Person #1: Let’s go drink a beer and hang out at the Mall!

Person #2: Not for me, that is such a dial-up plan.

Passenger Parent: If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times to drive slower.

Driving Adolescent: If it weren't for the dial-up phrasing, I actually would.
by rhet June 16, 2009
A horrible, extremely slow internet connection. With dial up your phone and computer use the same line.

Susie- I tried to call you but the line was busy!
Jane- Sorry, I was on the computer.
Susie- o_O
by Aspirations January 10, 2009

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