To practice with complete focus until whatever it is you are practicing becomes automatic and can be done without any thought.
I had to "Dial It In" so that I could do it without getting scared.
by Sir Slurpy May 28, 2008
Top Definition
To set up everything completely, precisely, and perfectly. Usually relating to something mechanical or creative. The phrase comes from tuning engines. Mechanics set contact points for the electrical system of the engine and then "dial in" the timing so it will run perfectly.
If we're going to take the whole engine apart, let's get some new parts and dial it in before we put it back together.

Can also be used in other tenses and variations like:

I'm going to dial in that letter to my landlord before I send it out.

That bike needs to be dialed in before we take it to the track.

I was dialing it in yesterday so that it would be ready for the trip.
by slambert11 January 22, 2009
Pretty much anything. Whenever you do something to the fullest, best extent of doing something.
1) Mother nature really dialed us in with that storm last night!

2) I went out with this chick, she came back to my place and I dialed it in.

3) Person A: Hey, Wanna go to the bar?
Person B: DIAL IT IN!!
by Ced311 December 23, 2007
See also:

"Hooked Up"

Origins traced back to eletric guitarist slang... referring to fixing of the guitars for someone... be it through tweaking the dials or turning the knobs that tighten the strings.
"Espo wants a cheesy beef from Cavones. Fuckin'.. dial it in!"
by Mike September 15, 2004
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