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Usually a name given to Egyptians whose studliness is so clear it is evident upon birth...in arabic Adham means black stallion which I guess is fitting because techincally Egyptians are light skinned Africans...he's jacked and rippeddd to the max like so little body fat you wanna cry. He's a maniac in bed and in the gym and, you guessed it, he loves contact sports, even in basketball he plays it like he's playing football or something. His one weakness though is he's a romantic. He always chases after the ladies but find the right girl and this badass will become a cupcake.
Person1: Man that guy's crazy he just bench pressed 400 pounds!

Person2: That's not some random guy, thats Adham.

Person1: Oh, that's why he always says aww when he texts
by Fohawk359 June 27, 2010

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