Sexist mother fucker alive! Everyone want to be a devon! He's handsome, funny, and just the total mudda fucking package! I mean, if you dont wanna be a devon, you are just plain retarded!

(Ha! I finally got a good definition! -to the ppl of Accents)
Look at that Devon! He is fiiiine!
by Swag? December 29, 2011
1. A person who is a nasty bar slut and goes from bar to bar looking for a daddy for her two bastard one night stand children. If she is successful in finding that guy, beware cause she will get pregnant again with his child to keep him around.
Dude, you wanna' get laid? There is a Devon right there, just make sure you wear a condom.
by Chico's STD's July 11, 2008
A derogatory term given to a female who no one likes.
As in, devon, the meat that is made up of leftover meats, combined to be a produce that no one likes/wants.
No one likes Jess. She is comparable to devon. Let's nickname her Devon.
by Ben1987 November 06, 2007
The easiest person to talk to in the world, has a great sense of humor and is beautiful and loving. Not to be mixed up with other people named Devon who are not as amazing.
"Yo! Look at that Devon! She's so amazing! I'm going to go talk to her!", "I love my Devon."
by nayr8870 December 14, 2011
A Devon is a very caring and loving young man.Also sometimes reffered to as Danny. he's repectful and respectable.. very fun to be around also great with parents and family. A Devon has been through alot but it always positive and can see the positive sides to everything. If you are lucky enough to meet a devon never let him go because i havent :) and my life has been amazing since then. If you encounter a Devon just know your life will change and you will become the happiest person on earth. A Devon is a very strong individualed although faced with many problems he knows how to show love. A kind and gentle spirit with a sometimes hard outward shell but with great intensions. Dont with anyone a Devon cares about because he WILL show you who's boss and beat your ass. Lastly a Devon is so caring he always puts others before himself and is kind a spiritual not to mention SEXY AS HELL !!
<3 Danny, Devon baby I love you and ALWAYS will you are and always will be my north star<3
Devon you're the best husband anyone could ask for!
by xoxoxAngel November 21, 2011
a person that belives souly in justice and whos sence of pride will not let him rest untill it is achived
that lawyer is just a devon
by Justice95 November 01, 2011
A county area in the Westcountry region of the United Kindgom (UK) known for it's picturesque views and rolling hills often used for hiding the view of the mountains of needles, pills and weed while the tourists are visiting during the summer.
Devon: a drug addicts dream place (or just halucinating again).
by The Squarepusher March 19, 2011

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