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The Blood from a period
"You want to get a Tampax in ya, before you have the Devils treacle running down your leg!"
by Fil the Swill January 24, 2003
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sticky and thick period blood that has been known to drip down the leg causing embarassment and possibly a shoe full of this stick treacle mess
You can tell by the moaning that she is dripping haemoglobin - this refers to the devils treacle. You can also tell by the smell that she isn't very well. See minge demon
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005
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Female ejaculate - the liquid that emanates from a woman's glory hole.
Man: "I was licking my wife out and I got a mouth full of devil's treacle - what a treat!"

Woman: "You're so spontaneous sometimes honey."
by Fast Parrot January 21, 2005
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