This is an art based website/forum/blog. It does have many talented people who deserve to be there, for art's sake, to share their art with the world and to recieve and give feedback. But then...

..There are the few who submit meaningless pictures of themselves...and or ones with nothing but blood and razors and shots of people slitting their wrists.

There is also a Wapanese cult that is being mass produced here. The ones who are into anime, and think that they were born and bred in Japan..and were sent here to America to teach the young ones how you should really be. You should listen to Japanese Rock and sing along, to songs you can't translate or understand. To songs that could be really saying, I like bunnies and rainbows and pretty sunsets.

Also here, you may find the JRockers, somewhat mentioned above. These few enjoy listening to hardcore screaming Japanese men, who look like teenage girls, and like to paint there faces white and draw designs and Japanese symbols with liquid eyeliner. But then after sampling the sounds of this music you could ask one of these persons, "Do you like Slip Knot, or Marilyn Manson, they sound just the same.." and this Jrocker would respond, "Are you insane, omg I hate them they totally are teh suck"

This cult usually submits "art" that is nothing more than drawings, or fanart of the totally fav anime characters. They may also submit pictures of themselves all dressed up as their favorite Jrocker and/or anime character, also known as Cosplaying. If not this, then pictures from the web of various members of Japanese rock bands that are "photoshopped" up.
Deviantart Person 1: ^^ omg yay.
Deviantart Person 2: What?!??!
Deviantart Person 1: I heart Jrock good.
Deviantart Person 2: What does that have to do with art? You are so part of that cult...
by feedback i care not for July 13, 2005
An online "art" community, although there may be a handful of people on it with real talent, it is mostly a showcase for people's sad anime drawings, bad B&W photos, and other nonart. Populated mostly by people who think that taking a drawing class in highschool makes them an artist, and that their trite images are anything more than glorified napoleon dynamite doodles.
Good news. Absolutely every shitty sketch and dumb wallpaper anyone has ever made is now considered art.

Most of the people wouldn't know real art if it smacked them upside the face
by Alex B. July 05, 2005
deviantArt is a website where users submit art, photography, poetry, and prose.
Being able to search virtually anything and getting a result
Submitting art
There are many, many tutorials if you are having trouble drawing ANYTHING
Getting comments
Administrators are easily approachable
Getting criticism so you can improve
Getting watches
The satisfaction of improving like crazy and getting inspired by art every few days
Getting favorites
Buying a subscription; it's almost worth it
Hanging out with your friends
You can sometimes get a laugh from a picture you see
Looking at other pictures you like
Buying prints
Favoriting and commenting on other pictures you like
Getting pageviews
Not getting comments, watches, or favorites
Bad pictures
People flaming you for giving some helpful criticism
People posting emo sh.. in their journal
Art thieves
Art/Writer's block (that's not dA's fault though)
Because of the deviation overflow, new deviations submitted appear on the front page for only a few seconds; it only catches a deviant's eye if it's particularly cute or particularly good
It is really, really hard to get publicity

I have an account on deviantart, and it's practically my life. The good things outweigh the bad, especially if you take criticisms and appreciate and look at art all the time.. If you don't, your art will probably never get any better.
Deviantart really gives me a sense of self-satisfaction. x3
Friend: I've improved on anatomy and pretty much everything since i've joined deviantart <3333 I love it. It's my antidrug.
by Cookiers October 14, 2007
A free website (with a paid membership option) where people are able to upload their drawings, paintings, digital art, photos, etc. with virtually no restriction.

It is true that the site has the unfortunate downfall of having superfluous quantities of bad and/or mentally disturbing/sexually deviant artwork, but for the most part it is a very useful site for those who know how to use the search box correctly to find what they want.

It is also home to many creative minds and talented artists, and Deviant Art is not without humor either. Artists like myself mainly draw humorous "cartoons" or comic strips, among other things see Demotivational Posters.
I compose and submit humorous artwork and posters on my main deviant art account.

On my other account I submit erotic and romantic artwork with the appropriate tags so that innocent bystanders are not "traumatized" by my mildly deviant tastes (I am not a furry, and I'm not into tentacle porn or anything illegal).
by FoxShadowBlack April 02, 2011
Site where members can either post their art, or easily steal and/or edit somebody else's. Accounts are often deleted because of silly copyright rules (similar to that of YouTube). Among the various theives in the community, there are also a lot of brainless fanboys and fangirls running around like fucktards. Abbreviated form is "DA".
Person 1: "Do you have a DeviantART account?"
Person 2: "Fuck no! Why would I? So there can be a bunch of fangirls and art theives running wild?"
by Dr. BaconStein August 16, 2006
"deviantART is a popular online artistic community. It was first launched on 6 August 2000 by Scott Jarkoff and Matthew Stephens. Angelo Sotira is the current CEO of deviantART, Inc.

deviantART aims to provide a place for any artist to exhibit and discuss his or her artworks. It also provides a community of like-minded individuals. The site consists of over 1.5 million users and over 17 million submissions (as of Dec. 2005).

deviantART is so named for the exhibits it displays. They are all created differently, with a different idea, and artist, as to be called deviant." - Source:

Simply put, deviantART is an online community dedicated to providing a place where artists may share/exhibit their work and receive feedback. Along with the aforementioned, deviantART also has other community features such as chatrooms, forums, shoutboxes, and more.
I can exhibit my work on deviantART.
by vlemaic December 16, 2005
An art site where people could upload their original artwork be it photography, pictures of crafts, writing/poetry, digital/traditional art and more.

Also has a few nifty things like journal and a 'webcam' space where you can put the URL of any picture to show the people whos tumble on your page.

As promising as it sounds; the site seems to have been taken over be:
The white (usually, but can be any race including Asians who are too obessed) kids, usually in their teens or early adulthood, who either upload crappy anime pics, edited screencaps of their crappy OC's in some crappy anime fanfic, or never DARE consider ANYTHING outside anime. Usually screenamed - insert some word/name here-Chan.

The people who think dA is myspace. All they have in their gallery are bad cellphone pictures of themselves at 10 different angles possiby with heavy make-up or the 'emo look' (see next). Generally have friends/fans due to sucking up or being what is considered 'hot'.

~Emo/Scene Poser
The 'emo/scene' kids who have no f-ing idea what the subculture is about. They wear their Hot Topic clothes, heavy make-up and take badly done pics of cut wrists or make some digital blood. Often also whiney and maybe a combo of any of the people mentioned here and more. Usually go off in their journals about how terrible their lives are because "My highschool boyfriend, XXXXEMOXXXXXXXX can't have my babies now b/c wearing my pants made him steryle!!!!!!!! :'(((((((" or other crap like that. Poetry is horrible, too; usually involving overdramatic cut stories.

Remember that kid in school who wanted sympathy because his/her hated brothers best friends friend died? Bingo. These are the people who try and drum up sympathy and drama. Another tactic is acting for critque and then flipping when such 'crit' isnt more than "ZOMG!!! FAV!! I LOVE NARUTO AND SASKUE SEX!!!!". Logic dosn't work with this one. Other known tactics are:

making more and more dA accounts obviously reconizable/telling people new account names and getting mad or sad when people come to flame/crit/kiss ass, leaving and returning dA withen weeks or days of long journal rants, and of course journal rants.

Yea, dA is cool if you meet the right people and watch the right artists, but take note of the people mentioned above (and it dosn't stop there).

DO NOT encourage.
For more information on:

to see what I didn't include;

Please see
by Long Live E freaking A August 03, 2009

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