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A Monotheistic relgion puts alot of emphasis on sins and punishment. Many Christians ignore the fact that most "sins" are just human nature.
christian: Christianity told me to hate you because you're gay.
Gay: Didn't christianity ALSO tell you to love me because I'm human?
christian:....I'll let god handle this
Gay: pussy
by Indyblue March 16, 2006
1. An archival website you can use to host your drawings, sketches, art, and fanart, sometimes writings and get feedback and other forms of communication that you might not get otherwise

2. Gets some poor reviews by people who think saying that people don't want to look at fanart will make it true.
1. the comments and criticism I get at Deviantart could help me become a better artist

2. hater: why would you look at fanart from a show you enjoy, when you could enjoy an all black canvas at an art museum?
Fanart viewer: Yeah...you go ahead and do that...loser
by Indyblue March 16, 2006

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