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Deviantart is a website where so called "artists" submit their work. It's a good way for emo/anime lovers to make "friends". There is some good artwork on there, but why waste your time making artwork for some crappy site? It's not like you're going to get recognized by some famous artist or something, just by some teenagers who think they know good artwork(which they don't) and write "brilliant!" for every drawing of Naruto they see. If these "artists" were smart, then they'd go to an actual place instead of Deviantart. Also, I feel bad for those models who have to get naked, just because some horny "fashion photographer" couldn't get a real job for an agency and hired a bimbo for free.
Girl: Omigod. This drawing of Johnny Depp took me 100,000 hours to make and color, but I've finally finished. Now I can submit to some retarded website that no one cares about.
Commenter: Brilliant!(stupid comment) But, the pupil of his left eye is a bit too small.
Girl: AW SHIT!

Boy: Yeesss, my anime flash of Naruto and his girlfriend is complete! And it only took me 2 days with no sleep!
Commenter: The bet artwork I've ever seen! (not) Brilliant!

Model: Heeeyy! I'm here for my Vogue photoshoot.
So-called "fashion photographer": Okay, now get naked.
Model: Hey! Why are you the only one here? Isn't this for Vogue!
SCFD: No bimbo! This is for deviantart.com! Now take off your clothes!
Model: For what?!
by Hhihopjsojdos January 03, 2009

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