Short for Deus Ex Machina, or the literary term for an event or person coming out of the blue and doing something miraculous or unprecedented.

The game of the same name has your character, JC Denton coming from nowhere and changing the world drastically in a matter of days.
We worked as slaves to the terrible aliens for years, and then Eminem came over and detonated a nuke on the planet. Talk about Deus Ex!
by Kenthar March 17, 2004
Ok first off I don't know who anyone can compare counter-strike to this game, they are in no way similar except they are a FPSs.

Deus Ex is quite possibly the best game ever made. No game is as innovative, well executed, well written, and plain old fun as this. This game never gets old no matter how much you play it. You can play anyway you want and your actions will affect the outcome of the storyline in dramatic ways. If you explore the game deeply it has a lot of cool hidden stuff. It gave birth to the whole good-guy-bad-guy meter a lot of games have today (Knights of the Old Republic, Fable, Elder Scrolls), but this game pwns them all. The beginning of the game drags a bit but if you get past the first 2 levels it picks up. The story line is deep and fun to follow also. What really makes this game shine is the nano-augumentation system on how you can upgrade your-self and really affect how you play. This game is not for everyone, if you want a pick up and play game you will hate this. If you love deep, engrossing games with countless hours of replay, you will not be let down.

Though System Shock 2 had this concept and was around before Deus Ex(one year before I think), it was not executed well and had many flaws.
If you haven't played Deus Ex you have no right to call yourself a gamer. Buy or download this game right now, just play it!
by The Nomad July 05, 2006
Absolute best game ever. Nothing comes close. Half-life 2 does not even come close. One reason is you can play it many times over and still find new stuff.
It took me 6 time to find the floorboards in Alex's room.
by Hank January 20, 2005
the best game ever (IMO). it combines a very large combanation of things. like, technecally it's a shooting game, but you don't have to kill anyone. they say to follow orders, but you can do whatever you want. like the hostages on the 2nd level, in normal games if they die it's Game Over. here you go up and slaughter them all and the guy goes 'OMG JC!!! ME DON"T BELIVE WAT U JST DID!!REPRT TO JOOS BRO RIGHT NOW!!' and you just keep on playing. the only way to lose is by dieing. there are also a huge number of ways to make every playthrough different. the NPC's react to all your actions differently. so one time they might be all 'la la la la la' and the next time they may be like 'WTF !'. there are also a number of different modifications and skills, everything from swimming to snipers to knifes to hacking to be able to "jump two storys high".

on, and BTW, if you have played Deus Ex Invisible War, please note that it is know to everyone who played both games that DX:IW is inferior to DX. so if you think it will be just like DX:IW, you're wrong. too bad about the only way to get it is my internet.
I played the Halo games and I Deus Ex is even better.
by Generic Shadow March 07, 2005
Deus Ex means "from god", which refers to deus ex machina, the prosses of lowering a character onto a stage. Litteraly, Deus Ex machina means "A god from industry/machanics"

Now avideo game with a sequal, the name hasa new meaning
In the future, a deus ex machina will rise

They lowered him on to the stage with a deus ex machina

There is a game called deus ex, forsome reason.
by smartazz February 11, 2005
Deus Ex is the best pc shooter game second one sux but first owns cept fer all the lag on multyplay but all games have lag... DEUS EX owns you and yer mom
fuck you im playing Deus Ex
by I Own you March 17, 2005
From God. Used as an alternative, although not very commonly, for Top Dawg.
''I just completed that game Deus Ex last night as that solid guy''
by Brendan April 05, 2003

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