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What snoop dawgg would say if he was german
Fo shniztle my nizzle peoplezz
by smartazz January 10, 2005
Deus Ex means "from god", which refers to deus ex machina, the prosses of lowering a character onto a stage. Litteraly, Deus Ex machina means "A god from industry/machanics"

Now avideo game with a sequal, the name hasa new meaning
In the future, a deus ex machina will rise

They lowered him on to the stage with a deus ex machina

There is a game called deus ex, forsome reason.
by smartazz February 11, 2005
A very powerful pistol with about the amount of joueles as a 12 gauge shotgun, but with more accuracy. It was designed by Isreal to more a backup for the galil and uzi when they ran out of ammo or when they need to pick somone off without a sniper. Never designed for close quarters, it was only issued to Specail Forces of the IDF.
Could be shot with onehand if you are skilled, but you will most likly hurt yourself
The IDF SF rushed egypts borders in the 6 day war with the desert eagle as a main backup
by smartazz January 26, 2005
"ANSWER NOW TO STOP WAR AND RACISM" is what they say but is really a load of crap. Want us to pull out of iraq and "free" palistein even though it already is.
"Occupation is a crime from iraq to palistain"
by smartazz February 01, 2005
a substitute for the very useful word "shit" but you can use it in emails at work without fear of being reprimanded.
this obsession with cost-cutting is getting way out of hand. I'm sick and tired of this schidd.
by smartazz December 04, 2004
A program oginaized by fathers To marry a rich heiress to a company. Most noted person is john kerry, who has particiated twice
When John kerry had married his first wife and he saw heinze ketchup, he said "Whoops, missed one"

Be sure to see my next defenition on bush!
by smartazz January 13, 2005

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