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The term originates from theatre, in which an actor is lowered from the upper stage (or more often, rises from the lower stage probably for financial and technical reasons) by a device called 'Deus Ex Machina'. This technique was used to present a character as being 'from the Gods'.

The name of arguably the greatest game ever created. Within the game 'Deus Ex' refers to the AI Helios, who having knowledge of all available information to mankind and control over every single communication on the globe is like a God, and JC Denton ('JC' debated to stand for 'Jesus Christ'), a christ-like figure who, on the box art looks to the sky as light shines down upon him against the darkness of the dystopian city behind, and who eventually manages to change the world's entire social order at the end of the game.
"Let's play Deus Ex"
by Atolmazel April 15, 2004
1. A slightly arrogant, but overall decent guy.

2. A surrel, anti-transexuallity quip first appearing in the early 17th century that was said to reverse the 'sex change' spell cast on unsuspecting married men by accused witches after their deaths.
1. "Good point BMZ, but you didn't have to say it like that."

2. "Worry not, maiden, I will reverse the sex change spell. Bust her man zero!"
by Atolmazel February 10, 2004
The act of making love verbally, and through sounds, usually that of an animal.
"Oral sex? Why certainly, I'll phone you right away!"
by Atolmazel July 28, 2004

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