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the girl i fell so hard for and am falling deeper in love with:)
i heart you desa
by loverboy34 December 31, 2010
French for "dumb shit"
I feel like a Desa asking so many questions
by sharting June 16, 2011
someone that has saggy boobs and does not know it until someone mean and nasty(see bitch) screams out HEY SAGGY TITS!
hey brittany, look at her breast's they are soo desa!
by Emmma Foldaer September 21, 2008
some fag from this game runescape named desacrater15 with an abnormally small penis
i met this fag on runescape named desacrater15 and he was totally uptight and a dick.
by Desacrater15 December 18, 2008

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