A prego fish LOL
That fish is a derr, what a slut!
#fish #slut #derr #kellie #georgia #tegan #zac #lol #a
by ZacRaptorJesus September 23, 2008
(n) /dur/ - term initially made to be used as a remark to something stupid, but now a widespread phenomenom that is now more overplayed than "yeah" by usher.
Gustavo - "I dont have the money to pay for it, but give it to me anyway"

Chris - "Derr ... "
by Blevin Ridaz April 26, 2005
same as duh
i know that your are stupid derr
by Jeremy Garvey January 27, 2004
means There But us chavs say derr!
alex: luk over der ellie
ellie: wurr
by Alex February 25, 2005
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