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What most teenagers are actually experiencing when they claim they are suffering from depression. Symptoms include whininess, pointless talk of suicide, crying to strangers over the Internet, and a general lack of common sense.
Trisha: Guys, I crashed my car today, and on top of that, my mom STILL won't let me go to prom. I'm depressed. :(

Jim: No, I think you might be suffering from derpression. You should stop being a derp, wipe your tears, and grow up.
by MusicalRocky December 03, 2010
falling into a depressed state from not derping enough or when you haven't derped in a while and then you over-derp yourself.
Nick: "Man derp is gayy you say it too much." Kevin: "You've fallen into a derpression, my friend. Get help now. Derp."
by eerisedsaysshutupkevin January 14, 2010