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The murderous process where someone stretches out another persons ear lobes to the point that they are able to choke the person with them, after this the person uses melon bolers to extract the eyeballs from the eye socket and places two dollops of C4 in their place (with two little electric detonators so it looks like the poor patron has eyes) after wards a tiny little goofy hat is placed on the victim's head. The C4 is then detonated leaving a depiction of something that looks exactly like Goofy from the Disney cartoons
Internet failsation Jessica Slaughter's father went on a Goofing rampage when he found out that her daughter was being cyber bullied, lets just say they Dun Goof'd
by emanyell June 14, 2011
The Art genre which most emo or scene kids draw
it's not really creative it's just all the same
mostly consists of baby pandas crying holding out his ripped out heart with the words "here take this, i know it's not much but it's all i have for you"
Emo Guy: here i made this for you
Emo Girl: awwwww it's so cute!
Goth kid: ....fml i hate Derpressionism effin' depressionists
by emanyell January 15, 2011
Another branch off the word doushebag just higher up on the doushebagery scale.
dude 1: Man that guy is a doushebag! he did my girlfriend
dude 2: Make that a Douschebag McAlister dude he also did your mom...
by emanyell October 07, 2010

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