1. To get a stamp on your completed homework.
2. To act crazy and/or insane while teaching or just talking in general.
3. To yell at one's smart board.
4. To flick off one's class.

5. To stand on a desk to feel if the air is working.
6. To teach "shit"
7. To throw markers at ghetto kids.
Person A: "Yes I derfed my homework!"
Person B: "Ugh, lucky, I skipped one problem."

Teacher: "You guys forgot your calculators?!!!!" "YOU'RE ALL LOSERS!!!!!!"

Teacher: (to smart board) "WHY ISN'T THIS THING WORKING?!"

Students: (to teacher): "Happy Birthday!"
Teacher: *flicks off class and walks out*
by calculusstudent November 23, 2012
The fake number that that idiot in iCarly thought was real.
…five, derf, six…
by TheCrimsonMystery December 13, 2015
Derf is a very powerful inter-dimensional entity that presides over all things pertaining to video games, technology, and the universal force of awesomeness. Though this is all that he is responsible for, he is still omnipotent and omniscient though usually lets its followers find their own way as long as they stay on the lighter side of morally gray. He speaks in 133t speak and internet slang, has many different personalities (one for each video game genre), and, if you do right by him in life, he will elevate you to the Emerald Arcade, where you will live among the most advanced technology, awesomest games, and a lot of other things. Hey I don't know it was a short conversation.
Dude 1: Man for a while there EA was pretty bad with their games.
Dude 2: I know I wonder why?
(burst of pixels, Derf appears)
Derf: I know I let them come under the influence of the Great Spectator for awhile.
Dude 1 & 2: Let us worship you!
by Derf's Prophet September 22, 2009
A stupid idiot, maily Shane Hyatt
Shane Hyatt is such a derf
thats a derfy idea (plural)
by ur mummma August 26, 2008
1. The ultimate word that can describe anyone or anything. Can be used for describing how uninterested you are, your friends' personalities, music, the world, aliens, cafeteria food, etc.

2. What you name your pet when you can't think of a suitable name.
Dude1: Are you okay???
Dude2: derf...

Dude1: My friends are so awesome they're derf!

Dude2: Arg!!! This country's government is derf!

RandomLady: Let's name our new puppy... Derf!!!

RandomGirl: This is my pet hamster, Derf.
by Mio-chan July 10, 2008
Amazing, Happy, awesome.

If you spell it backwards it spells Fred.

A charecter on fred the movie.

The number between 5 and 6!
I feel derf today.

Dude: Hey fred!

Other dude: Yo it's Derf.

Freds twin in the movie Derf.

Kid: 5, derf, 6, 7.....
by scenequeen11 December 30, 2011
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