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thunder pounder. Someone who leaves your innards feeling abused. A guy who is often portrayed as a douchebag but rarely is one. A hot guy who is great in bed.
Man that guy is such a Derek... I can barely walk today!
by hmmmyaknow February 19, 2010
the sweetest, cutest most amazing guy out there. one who at times makes mistakes but is alway there to make up for it. he will rock your world in and out of bed. hes a keeper.. dont let go :)
i went out with a Derek last night .. awe your so lucky :)
by DeRrIcKscott June 21, 2010
Without a doubt, the coolest kid around.
Derek is awesome. 'Nuff said.
by Lawlbags November 15, 2009
An amazing person who can steal you heart just when you hear his voice. Very adventurous and generous when it comes to the people he cares about. Loves meeting new people and making new friends. He loves to give people things that are from the heart but he's still afraid that you wont like the gift. He's very genuine and will do anything to make the people around him happy. He's artistic, unique, fun, a major sweetheart, kind-hearted, and quite the catch. You can never get him off your mind once you meet him. He's someone you'll never want to lose once he's in your life.
Did you see Derek yesterday? Talk about breath taking.
"I can't get him off my mind." "You must be talking about Derek."
by Amani Sha December 03, 2011
amazing in everyway possible, sexy body, good at everything, nice, the best boy you will meet, good taste in music, a monkey, a geek but in a cute way, talented, strong, smart yet dumb at times, and just overall an amazing person.
kid: DUDE, did you here?! Derek punched through the brick wall in school!
other kid: Well, that's Derek for ya..
by Katrek Fosends March 04, 2011
An amazing, insanely perfect guy. hes good looking, a 10 actually, funny, sweet, kind, caring and everyone loves him. he can always make you laugh and girls swoon over him.
my boyfriends a Derek.
by Hiss Gf August 16, 2012
A Derek has many positive and negative qualities...

-Appears to be a jackass when first meeting him
-Makes jokes that can cause people to take offense and doesn't lower his voice and often makes these jokes in public
-Obsession with bands like Owl City
-Occasionally doesn't brush his teeth....

-Once you get to know him, he is generous and loving
-Cares about his friends and would do anything for them
-Passionate about the things that matter to him
-Encouraging and honest

So...if you can get past first impressions, a Derek is a life long friend. One tip for all Derek's is to step up and tell the girl you like or love how you feel. Stop being so sensitive and just go for it!
"Dude, I can't believe he just said that!"
"You just don't know him yet. Derek is actually a good guy."
"How can you stick up for someone who tells those kinds of jokes?"
"Well...he's a Derek. Under that jackass surface...there's a real sweet heart. He just doesn't show it at all times.."
"A Derek you say...."
by TEAMDEREK! April 06, 2010