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An individual knwn to many as a scumbag a person who is greedy r self-centered. A fool easily manipulated by females known as kelsey.Or even just random girls. Origin from mexico but enjoys to deny it. Enjoys tacos from the bell but will settle for garbage or road kill on the weekends. Very dangerous individual not just for his reputation as a sex fein but also as a bully, enjoys breaking fingers and thimbs on peoples faces. Drives a creepy mini van and can be identified just from saying "hi little girl" or "i have candy in my van". Last but not least an individual who also loves to endulge in the pleasures of life. Such as frequent preteen hokups exc exc. Beware of this mexican sex fein. 1. Do nt enter the van 2. Do not go near the van 3. Do not look at the van, infact just dont eat candy. PS. His weakness arer his arms for they are balloons and will pop to a pin .
"Mr Jamies is a creeper"

"Derek lovees tacos"

"My child is missing","Oh no she got dereked"

"I got dereked"
by Avitor October 25, 2006

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