A mob rule system of government. Inevitably fails.

Has major differences to a representative form of government.
In Democracy every man has a vote but does not work on large scales. Generally leads to chaos due to lack of organization and the pure anarchy due to the lack of rule of law.

In contrast, the federalized republic is a large scale Democratic system that is made up of many people's representatives elected by popular vote.
by American June 03, 2003
a form of government that could never work in China
by Alex March 03, 2003
laws made up by dumbass goody goody assholes
anarchy is what should be.
by ytttu7 89787t567er434 September 29, 2003
What most Europeans bitch that America doesn't really have. What they fail to realize is that our republic is superior to a democracy. A true democracy is mob rule.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
Something that seems reasonable to people at the left side of the intelligence bell curve but eternally frustrating people on the right.
"Did you see the new episode of big brother?" "No. Sorry, I don't have the patience for democracy."
by anon136 March 07, 2015

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