A belief that your careless decision will be eventually covered up by other people.
With democracy, you don't have to hesitate!
by euske April 24, 2007
Something that is all but impossible to criticize without coming across like an elitist fuck.

Also, despite undeniable flaws, the only stable and morally acceptable form of government.
"Democracy sucks! The people are stupid! I can't believe they voted for Bush again!"
"Well, what's the alternative?"
"Elitist fuck."
by MarkusRTK November 08, 2004
See USA. Nah just kidding!
Calling USA a democracy is a disgrace to Pericles
by FrenchLascar187 April 08, 2004
fascism by numbers
this is a democracy
by Clayton July 14, 2003
democracy might be a horrible system, but it's better than anything else (except a WORKING communism, which really would only work if everyone was on marijuana)
go democracy! die conforming republic!
by rrrobbbbinnnnn February 20, 2006
A peculiar form of government native to New England, which few other places have managed to emulate.
Democracy works, but it's being overtaken by federalism these days.
by birdboy2000 December 09, 2004
One man, one vote, no chance.
by Alex June 30, 2003

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