1. A woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., founded in 1913 at Howard Univ.
I went to a Delta stepshow and they were great!
by Nikki G. December 15, 2003
Delta is a name, label, or term used to describe someone who is into you a lot more than you are into them and makes your life miserable emotionally. Most of the time, this is someone you just have a sexual relationship with but they want to marry and have kids with you.
I hooked up with my delta yesterday and now he's sending me a 2-page text because I didn't call him back while I was out with my friends.

Oh, I have a delta now too.
by berrie May 08, 2012
A member of the illustrious organization of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. A woman who values scholarship, service, and sisterhood above all. A women who loves Crimson and Creme, Elephants and is never afraid to speak her mind, serve the community, or handle her responsibilities.
A member of the largest and most respected sorority in the NPHC.
"On my campus, Delta runs the yard. They have the best programs, step the hardest, and are the most down to earth"
by H B March 04, 2006
1. The fourth letter in the Greek alphabet

2. A triangle object, shape etc.

3. A part of a river where it splits into smaller waterways leading to large bodies of water eg. The Nile River Delta
1. Delta is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet

2. A delta is a triangle

3. The Nile River Delta is the largest in the world
by gracie April 18, 2005
a small town in colorado, also known as hick-ville USA. the town where having "fun" involves cruising mainstreet, going to the horsesale, or stopping by the only place open in the middle of the night (wal-mart). there is nothing to do in this town so most girls just get themselves knocked up, and most boys drink til they have beer bellies just like their dads.

don't move here
bob "Did you go to college?"

Joe "no man. i lived in delta."
by yourfoot May 26, 2009
A word used for a known quantative change derived from the word Delta which symbolised the fourth letter of the greek alphabet. This term or definition of this word is more commonly used in physics and engineering (and can be seen in the world of computer geeks), although somehow it's found it's way into the lame world of office lingo / office jargon.

Executives all around the world frequently misuse this term and it's misuse is growing, making them look very stupid.
Executive noob says "We have a delta in these figures here somewhere" secretery says "It's not a delta, it's a discrepancy" People then mock the executive noob behined his back while he thinks he's just impressed everyone by telling them that there is an identified change that has not actually been identified.
by Steveoz32 January 30, 2007
Meaning a car that is big and fast. This term is a reference to the discontinued Oldsmobile Delta 88. The Delta was the last of the family-size musclecars like the Impala SS 409 and the Pontiac Catalina Super Duty 421 of the early sixties. The legendary Delta was known for its rocket engine. The most powerful was the Rocket 455 4 barrel.
I just put a blower on my Lincoln Town Car, its a Delta now.

That Bentley is a Delta.

I got a Delta, let's go carting.
by Joe Iron May 04, 2007

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