Delta Goodrem, 19, is an Australian popular singer with five #1 singles from her debut album, "Innocent Eyes", and her debut album stayed in the #1 spot on the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Assocition)charts for 51 weeks and went 14 x platnium. Also very popular in the UK.

She was an actress on popular Aussie TV soap, Neighbours. She recieved an award at the Logie Awards (Australian TV Awards) as "Best New Female Talent".

In 2003, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (a form of Cancer). After months of treatment, she is well on her way to recovery from the disease.

She is thought to be a good role model for fans, young and old. She dresses apropriately while still maintaining a sexy yet innocent image. She is liked more for her singing than her looks however she is thought to be a very beautiful woman.

In Australia, she is known on a fist name bases (like other singers eg. Britney and Christina).

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My favourite singer is Delta.
by Cyberphobia July 14, 2004
Meaning a car that is big and fast. This term is a reference to the discontinued Oldsmobile Delta 88. The Delta was the last of the family-size musclecars like the Impala SS 409 and the Pontiac Catalina Super Duty 421 of the early sixties. The legendary Delta was known for its rocket engine. The most powerful was the Rocket 455 4 barrel.
I just put a blower on my Lincoln Town Car, its a Delta now.

That Bentley is a Delta.

I got a Delta, let's go carting.
by Joe Iron May 04, 2007
It is the fourth word in the phonetic alphabet mostly used in military communications.
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc...
by jimmyc May 30, 2005
A.K.A Boris Tellegen
D.O.B 05 December 1968
An amazingly talented Dutch graffiti artist, he studied Industrial Design Engineering and after graduating emerged with a unique painting style. Delta transforms both the traditional presentation mode of visual art, as well as the genre of graffiti painting itself. His style of 3-d abstract lettering resembles isometric plans for high-tech vehicles or architecture from the future.
Helped out with the art work on Linkin Park's Meteroa album.
Delta is the greatest.
by Readz September 11, 2004
us army special forces: DELTA FORCE........Well delta is supposed to stand for something,...damn! forgot....
u become an elite ranger first. then if u are really skilled in the art of war or leadership and so on..u may be handpicked by ur commander to join the elite Deltas.
by Free!d December 06, 2003
Car produced by the marque Lancia mostly reknown for the stormin delta HF intergrale evo 1 or 2 (intergrale being Lancia speak for 4x4) and S4 group B rally car.
look at that car.....nice but......never be a Delta.
by mr gavin January 22, 2007
marijuana, ganja, reefer, weed, mary jane, pot, trees, herb, grass, aunt mary, etc. Deriving from the THC(delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) from marijuana.
alsi used as delta-9
Ima hit my delta right hurr.
Take a hit of this delta-9.
by b dogg January 18, 2004
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