A title to be given to someone who is sexually desireable:

Maggie: Who is calling you Danni?
Danni: Just my boyfriend Jimmy
Maggie: I wish Jimmy Delicious would call me once in a while
by Dome10028 April 28, 2008
an adjective used to describe anything that is,smells,feels,tastes,or looks really good.
Oh yes, my new outfit is delicious.

"How was the party?"
by jymmye November 27, 2007
Very pleasing to the senses. It tastes very good on your tounge.
Nick is so delicious!!!
by Kateroo1313 December 20, 2007
1) anything that you think is darn great, except for the taste of food.

2) an exclamation after something wonderful that you just did.
that new bloodhound pup you just got is delicious!

i just scored with that hot cashier at the gap! DELICIOUS!
by laura V. August 02, 2004
Extremely good tasting. Synonymous with bacon.
"Holy shit this bacon is fucking delicious. I love bacon!"
by Madanam October 05, 2009
*Hot dude walks by*

Girl: That guy was delicious
by Luda-Chris July 10, 2008
1. an expression used to indicate a positive response to something or to communicate satisfaction, inspiration, or admiration for something.
2. In a good mood
3. Feeling good
1. Q: Good Morning Mr. Dixon, how you feeling today?
A: Delicious. I'm starting my new job today.

2. "I got an "A" on my science homework - Mrs. Morris must have been delicious today."

3. "Bro, I went out with Brooke and we spent two hours in delicious conversation."

4 "She has delicious eyes."
by HamburgerToday April 12, 2008
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