adj.; used to describe something (such as a situation) that is awesome, usually sarcastic, and contrary to popular belief should not be used to describe something edible.

also known as DELISH
We camped in the rain and all of our stuff got soaked for hiking the next day, not to mention no one wanted to be hiking in the first place. The experience was delicious.
by ILoveSummerCamp August 01, 2010
Something that tastes or looks really good. From a piece of cake to a hot chicks body.
That ice cream was so delicious, it was like an orgasm in my mouth.
by Game Locks July 12, 2009
1. an expression used to indicate a positive response to something or to communicate satisfaction, inspiration, or admiration for something.
2. In a good mood
3. Feeling good
1. Q: Good Morning Mr. Dixon, how you feeling today?
A: Delicious. I'm starting my new job today.

2. "I got an "A" on my science homework - Mrs. Morris must have been delicious today."

3. "Bro, I went out with Brooke and we spent two hours in delicious conversation."

4 "She has delicious eyes."
by HamburgerToday April 12, 2008
adj. pleasant. use of which usually leads to excessive squinting accompanied by hand gestures generally in a downward motion
that concert was delicious
by Andy November 16, 2003
1) A term to describe a type of food that has been consumed. 2) A term to describe any noun.
1) That ham and cheese was delicious!
2) Did you see the new episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Wasn't it delicious?!
by Andrew The Nerd October 16, 2005
Extremely gory
The bloody skidmarks after the accident were so delicious

The amount of blood splatter on the new Delicious Clothing shirt is straight up delicious!
by Danny Delicious January 21, 2011
your mom last night.
wait nevermind that was your dad
by get the fuck outta my grill March 03, 2005

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