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Derived from the Welsh for sweet or cute.Used to describe someone or something that is quite cute
When Johnny saw the kitten he exclaimed "aww thats so del"

hes got a del face
by October 25, 2005
92 52
Del the funky homosapien
1: yo did you hear del's making Deltron 3030 II?
by vitab November 20, 2005
210 71

1. A very sexy, witty, and entertaining individual.
2. Ruler of the free world
3. Part of the Alfredian language
Man, you're almost as great as Del!
by weezy July 23, 2004
151 67
A brand of frozen lemonade sold primarily in Rhode Island. Extremely popular, occasionally mixed with vodka for those looking for a good time.
Rhode Islandah #1: Dude! Del's is finally open for the summer!
Rhode Islandah #2: Wicked awesome!
by revscharm February 16, 2005
33 5
First made in Cranston, Rhode Island in 1948. Del's Frozen Lemonade consists of ice, lemon peels and natural lemon flavor. Tastes great with a pretzel rod.

Also sold at Del's stands are watermelon, blueberry, peach mango, cherry and kiwi flavors, along with hotdogs, nachos and other snacks.

Del's is wicked good!
"Dude, I'm wicked thirsty, let's go get some Dels."
by molly303088 May 18, 2006
23 6
Would be Rhode Island's state drink if it wasn't for the coffee milk. Both of which can call Rhode Island it's home. Del's is a Lemonade that comes in a variety of flavors and can be bought at stands and shops throughout the state, especially in the summer. Del's and vodka are said to be a great mix.
"Can we have $.75 for a Del's?"
by Rhodie July 31, 2005
20 5
Del Taco

best place on earth
Me, Jake, Tanner, Marlee and Hayley are going to Del after school today.
by Fuckel December 14, 2007
33 25