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an improv conversation.
sometimes ill start a sentenceand i dont even know where its going. i just hope to find it along the way. like an improv conversation. an improversation.
-michael scott, regional manager dunder mifflin scranton.
by fuckel January 19, 2009
a dad who is constantly wearing a hat. most likely covering up baldness or protecting the head from the sun. or maybe just because it looks cool.
also the hat is most commonly a baseball cap.
kimmy and kiefer's dads are hatdads. hatdad smith and hatdad rabe always wear their hats to cover up their baldness.
by fuckel January 17, 2009
A game to play with your friends at school during lunch. you go around and ask kids (typically the younger ones) for some or all of their food. You gather as much as you can and then sit and eat it. Also known as GTL.
Me: Skye, wanna play Grand Theft Lunch today?
Skye: Yeah!!!
by Fuckel December 14, 2007
v. to shudder and/or shake when you get turned on.
rocky was flirting with mikey and then he pulled a dallas.

tanner: i think im about to pull a dallas!
by fuckel April 09, 2008
1. a name of a person or thing who is very dorky
2. when someone you know does something stupid, you call them that.
1. My dog dorkess is mean, he tried to bite Skye when she was at my house.

2. Kimmy: I just saved 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to geico!
Skye: Dorkess.
by fuckel November 26, 2007
the most commonly used name on earth.

read a fucking book for once.
fogell: yeah. it was between that and muhammed.
seth: why the fuck would it be between that and muhammed? why dont you just pick a common name like a normal person?
fogell: muhammed is the most commonly used name on earth. read a fucking book for once.
by fuckel January 13, 2009
Del Taco

best place on earth
Me, Jake, Tanner, Marlee and Hayley are going to Del after school today.
by Fuckel December 14, 2007

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