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1. To torture or restrain with intellectual barbed wire

2. Any threat of violence, torture or sex play involving barbed wire.
My teachers dekalbed me again with more homework than I could ever finish.

I don't care if wrestlers professionalized dekalbing, she is not coming near me with barbed wire ever again.

Dude, if she dekalbs you, you will only move when SHE lets you move!
by BayAreaWillI December 11, 2008
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home of niu. students go home on weekends because the town is worthless.
nothing to do here but kill braincells.
"I'm headed back to the black hole"
"what're you doing in dekalb!?"

"dude, we got a 8ball an a keg tonite!"
by boondizzle August 04, 2007
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