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Hit by anything Karmic you didn't see coming.
Dana Perino was perino'd by an invisible microphone during ex-President Bush's attempted Shoe Assassination in Iraq on Dec 14, 2008.

I thought I had gotten away clean running my money laundering operation when the IRS perino'd me.

by BayAreaWillI December 14, 2008
1. To torture or restrain with intellectual barbed wire

2. Any threat of violence, torture or sex play involving barbed wire.
My teachers dekalbed me again with more homework than I could ever finish.

I don't care if wrestlers professionalized dekalbing, she is not coming near me with barbed wire ever again.

Dude, if she dekalbs you, you will only move when SHE lets you move!
by BayAreaWillI December 11, 2008
Picking through some possibly tasty morsels and sealed jellies, mayo, mustard, maybe even silverware on an abandoned hotel cart in a good hotel.
We never take condiments like salt, pepper, mustard, ketchup etc on our Vegas trips we just resort to Hotel Cart Diving.

3am, restaurants closed and BEHOLD a Traders Giottos italian sub SEALED and still on ice parked outside suite 666, sweet!

The Goddess wouldn't want all those unopened Jelly Jars to go to waste on a hotel cart, somebody has to eat the Orange Marmalade...DIVE DIVE DIVE!
by BayAreaWillI September 16, 2013

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