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Cocaine. Although the term is often used to describe a multitude of other illegal substances, it was originally used as a slang term for the stimulant-drug cocaine (a processed extract of leaves from the Erythroxylum Coca plant).
"Lets ride the white pony" <let's use cocaine>

"Can you ask your buddy if he's good for the white pony?" <would you ask your friend if he has any cocaine to sell?>
by x_suffocate_x July 08, 2005
The name for Deftones 3rd album. Released in 2000 it is the follow up to Around the Fur. Many say this album to be their best. Album has a very unique sound almost psychedelic but with a touch of heavy metal. Definitely a good album for everyone to check out.
Have you checked out Deftones album White Pony yet?
#white horse #chi cheng #chino moreno #detones #around the fur #2000 album #trippy #dreamy
by musashidtr September 14, 2010
A Great Cd Produced By The Deftones..An outstanding band of the hard rock genre
i listen to Whitepony all last night
by samuek November 22, 2004
Riding the whitepony
Slang for doing cocaine
by WhitePony February 28, 2003
cockney rhyming slang for shitepony
a horse faced goon who talks shite
by shitepony February 28, 2003
Use of heroin or other opiate.
Ride the white pony.
by tim1337 August 08, 2003
A reference from the movie "Dirty Love".
Meaning, Mr. Right.
"John, your my white pony!"
#your my white pony #soulmate #mr. right #love of my life #love #boyfriend #crush #dirty love
by Leah4925 December 10, 2008
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