The act of deleting someone on an online socializing site like Facebook or Myspace.

This usually happens when someone you don't know requests to be your friend so you accept them to see their profile. Once you realize that you don't know them or that they are a complete creeper, you attempt to 'defriend' them. This usually proves to be a nuisance and a pain to figure out how to do.
Person 1: I'm going on this trip to France and a guy from another school friended me, I messaged him 'cause I wasn't sure who he was, and he gave me a total creeper response.

Person 2: Man, defriend that fool.
by B-RizzleforShizzle March 04, 2009
defriend smbd v , transitive de + friend; cf. befriend - to break off friendly relations (with smbd).

He defriended me a year after we met, with no reason or explanation. He just stopped calling, period.

I want to defriend you. Ð What's wrong? - I need something more than friendship from you. I need love.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
(v) To remove someone from your livejournal friends list.
"I defriend people who post quiz results. Get a life!"
by Coell May 12, 2005
To remove a friend from your Facebook or Myspace because you misfriended them (accidentally "friended" them or added them as a friend).
I had to defriend this dude I thought I knew from my high school days, but it turned out I didn't. He was sending me all sorts of events spam!
by Sartorialist October 21, 2008
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