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1. Chopping down mad trees
2. Burning down mad trees
1. The evil corporation is hugely responsible for deforestation projects in South America... Boooo!
2. After I finished my last exam I took part in a sizable deforestation project... Blaaazed.
by Bophadeez April 27, 2010
The art of shaving one's genitals.
Maggie never learned about de-forestation. Someone needs to vacuum that carpet...
by Sara Lou September 11, 2007
A Period of time over which obscenely large amounts of marijuana, or tree, was smoked.
Bro, this weekend was a deforestation.
by kyle8864 November 13, 2010
1. Forest Gate train station.
2. chopped down all de trees.
3. a shaved bearded oyster.
1. are you is goin' to de manor park, or deforestation innit?
2. the deforestation in parsloes is all but complete.
3. kylie has suffered deforestation for her work.
by theWestHamfan December 31, 2003
1.the act of shaving a pussy...cat
2.hacking down trees till there are no more
3.not being a dirty hairy hippie
i hate hippies. so i take saws and cut down trees. (deforestation)
i hate hippies. i make sure my gf shaves (deforestation) and isn't a tree loving hippie
by Tim Boyd June 05, 2007