How dyslexic retards spell "definitely"
I am dyslexic, therefore I am most definately a looser
An alternative spelling of the word "definitely", used most notoriously by a sensationably adorable girl whose defiant side causes her to use a more phenetic spelling for words with arbitrary spellings.
You definately don't spell "definitely" as "definitely".
by andy jeffreys October 24, 2007
'Definately' enjoys a subtly different meaning from 'definitely'.
If some item x is definitely f (i.e. it definitely has the property of f-ness), then it must be f in some perfect, absolute, non-finite way.
By contrast, if some item x is definately f then x is f by definition, or is the very definition of f-ness.
The former is an ontological claim, whereas the latter is conceptual/semantic.
That's why all us clever people who spell by rational deduction rather than blind repetition use both spellings, to distinguish our precise meanings.
Of course when they bring the maple syrup after the pancakes, it'll definately be too late.
by philip mark young August 02, 2007
The real spelling of Definately. The way real people spell it.
Cameron says:
Cameron says:
by R0W3R March 08, 2009
An alternative spelling of the more commonly used word 'definitely'.
Simon was definately wrong this time.
by Collins December 01, 2004

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