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To say yes in a expressive manner.
Bobby : "Did you pass you AP exam?"
Chuck : "DEEV!"
by ehh productions April 12, 2010
Short form of the word, "Diva".
Did you see Christian Siriano on MMaSM? He's a total deev!

Mariah is a deev.

Quit being such a deev!
by applesnpears April 18, 2008
Cool Band in Holland
DeeV Rocks!!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Abbreviation for deviant. Implies somebody should be locked up and kept hidden from society.
That fucking deev stole the keys to my cadillac, then he took a shit in my gutter. I'm gonna kick his ass.
by Nerje June 05, 2003
A "cool" name for a "DVD' or "Digital Versatile Disk".
I like the latest "deev" featuring "The Goodies"
by bobb August 18, 2003
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