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(Usually two)
Jo lund keh nbeechay latakte hain

Tattay jitna bhee uchal jaein, lund se oopar nahin jaa sakte
by Bobb January 17, 2005
a good word to yell out when someone has incorrectly answered a question
by bobb February 05, 2003
the original old enlish spelling of what is now called old skool, fo sheezie my neezie!
"hell ya ma neezies those air force ones are so damn olde schoolle!"
by bobb February 06, 2003
a homeless person usually wearing minimal clothing that resides in a cardboard box
"holy shit that fucking bum assraped me in his box!"
by bobb February 05, 2003
tha ghetto of ones homecity. where they grew their ass up
" yo my pimps y'all wanna ride over into my hood?"
by bobb February 06, 2003
They are the greatest team since 85' bears stupid. They won 15 in a row!!!!! 10-0 against winning teams. Stupid People stop complaning about the patriots saying they suck because you are jealous. i mean get a life. Pats fans waited forever for the patriots to get good and it finnally happend. So stop complaing and being jealous.
the patriots are good, if you think not your credibility is not very good and whatever you say about football teams is useless
by bobb May 15, 2004
a usefull, all-cardboard box serving as a home for a bum
"man his cardboard box is mad comfy!"
by bobb February 05, 2003
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