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Polite Australian abbreviation for "jesus, seriously, you gotta be fucking SHITTING me."
Crikey, look at the size of her tits!
by Nerje June 05, 2003
An incredibly ugly Australian who hasn't combed their mullet in a very long time. Characterised by the face that resembles a Klingon's rectum, and unwashed flannelette shirts. A combination of the words bogan and chode.
That chogan looks like he's had his face beaten in with a shovel. Let's call him shovelface.
by Nerje June 05, 2003
A term used to describe comedic, drunken violence.
Mad party. Reckon we'll see some mad chopsocky? *gets hit by a flying blender*
by Nerje June 05, 2003
Abbreviation for deviant. Implies somebody should be locked up and kept hidden from society.
That fucking deev stole the keys to my cadillac, then he took a shit in my gutter. I'm gonna kick his ass.
by Nerje June 05, 2003

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