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Cool Band in Holland
DeeV Rocks!!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
To say yes in a expressive manner.
Bobby : "Did you pass you AP exam?"
Chuck : "DEEV!"
by ehh productions April 12, 2010
Short form of the word, "Diva".
Did you see Christian Siriano on MMaSM? He's a total deev!

Mariah is a deev.

Quit being such a deev!
by applesnpears April 18, 2008
Abbreviation for deviant. Implies somebody should be locked up and kept hidden from society.
That fucking deev stole the keys to my cadillac, then he took a shit in my gutter. I'm gonna kick his ass.
by Nerje June 05, 2003
A "cool" name for a "DVD' or "Digital Versatile Disk".
I like the latest "deev" featuring "The Goodies"
by bobb August 18, 2003