A group a annoying ass fucks who live in Columbus, Ohio. They run around making bird noises, robbing people, doing prescription medications and statutory raping young girls. Some of them go by names of beverages such as "Sweet Tea". They also party hard as fuck, the only positive thing about them.
Guy 1: "Someone stole my wallet at the party!"

Guy 2: "It was probably one of the deagles."

Random Deagle: "CAKAWWW!!"
by RealAssShit September 03, 2012
A certain amount of weed that can be purchased for $10 (amount varies from place to place)
Yo lemme grab a deagle off of yu!
by Budda February 23, 2005
A combination of Desert Eagle. All of you who don't know what a Desert Eagle is its a beast handgun.
i just deagle'd that fool in the face
by kris kole August 02, 2008
An abbreviation for the IMI Desert Eagle made famous in Hitman 2. Large Israeli made pistol that fires .50AE, .44 Mag or .357 Mag out of 7, 8 or 9 round mags. Unpopular with Military and Police cause of Enormous recoil and high cost.
I killed some fat fuck with my deagle yesterday
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
nickname for anybody with a name beginning wit the letter 'D'.

also short for the firearm called 'Desert Eagle'
man greets his friend 'Delroy'

Delroy: hello

man recieves a surprise phone call from his friend darren from prison:

man: ello, whos this?
darren: its darren from pen
mans wife:whos on the fone?

man is about to let his frend go shooting with his desert eagle 50 calibre AE:

man: load up that DEAGLE, get the f out my house nd put in work FOOL!
by big poppa smurf May 22, 2008
A firearm made by Magnum Research, it fire's .357MAGNUM, .44MAGNUM, and .50 Action express. The magizine capacity's go from 8 to 7. 7 being the .50AE.

Deagle is short for Desert Eagle.
They have a deagle is Cecil B Dememted.
by Thomas Splasky August 29, 2003
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