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one who acts like a faggot automaticaly; without any hesitation or second thought.
Sam entered the GAP and immediatly purchased a flowery pink shirt. It was a FAGMATIC gesture.
by luciano July 28, 2003
Shorthand for Desert Eagle, a sidearm produced by Israel Military Industry. This pistol come in .357, .44, and .50 AE magnum rounds, it can also be fitted with a 10 inch barrel as opposed to the 6 inch stock barrel.
Deagles are huge, im gonna go use a .45
by Luciano December 15, 2003
one who rhyms wit great ease.
yo eminem is tupacaliptic dude! fosho...fa sheezy!
by luciano July 28, 2003
A low caliber rifle, very little destructive power.
Brian shot me in the head with his .22 and I walked away
by Luciano December 15, 2003
A city in this seemingly strange place called China that is growing far faster than your economy.
"My parents forgot how to use proper grammar along with other dumbasses of their generation so now we hand carve Mickey Mouse figurines out of our bedroom and answer help calls from Shenzhen for Xing Chai Wireless from our kitchen."
by Luciano January 15, 2004
Ugly bastard who tries it on where he is not welcome.
To be on a girl that doesn't like you is to be an OUST. Also to be disliekd by many is to be called O-U-S-T.

by Luciano October 05, 2003
One who tries it on with girls that dislike him. also a scrape that no 1 likes.
If you tried to go out with some one that didn't like you, you would be an oust...also generally a arsehole can be referred to as an oust.
by Luciano October 05, 2003
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