A small hound, or hunting dog, twelve to fifteen inches high, used in hunting hares and other small game
"hold this position and wait for my go"
"jolly good"
"release the deagle"
by Frank July 25, 2004
A very powerful handgun that fires the bigger calibur bullets. The gay Counterstrike way to say it. Most popular in .50 Calibur. It is a one shot wonder. The recoil on this gun is amazing, but so is the stoping power. If you hit some1 with this gun, they will drop. If not, well your fucked.
Its not Degle, its Desert Eagle, or .50 gay CS people
by Fury1671 December 22, 2003
An animal with the head of a deer, the wings of an eagle, and the body of a beagle. See also deaglepuss
Theres a plethra of deagles in this area. This is deagle country
by jake and jessie September 13, 2006

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